Frequently asked questions


What is New Epistles Press?

New Epistles Press is a communication firm developing and promoting Christian centered writings.

What is in a Name?

Epistles simply means written communication and New Epistles for us refers to the new writings about Christ.

What Specific Works does it seek and is Committed to?

The firm is committed to publishing articles, essays, book reviews, short stories, novels, poetry and testimonies that exalt the name of God, encourages keeping the Christian faith and teaching audiences the truth and path of Christ.  We also publish biblically instructional and inspired children’s and youth fictional and non-fictional books.

What is the Purpose of the Firm?

NEW EPISTLES PRESS is a publication firm with the purpose of creating, developing, promoting and publishing writings with the central purpose of affirming the truth and sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you currently accepting submissions?

New Epistles Press is currently only accepting submissions for the web magazine and blog.  We are presently not accepting manuscripts.



What will New Epistles Press not Print or Publish?

New Epistles Press will not publish, print or promote prose or creative works which are not Christ centered.  The firm will not print or publish gossip, pornographic and demoralizing writings.

How may I submit material to New Epistles Press?

To submit material to New Epistles Press, follow the submission guidelines.

Do I need an agent before I can submit a work to New Epistles Press?

No.  Currently, New Epistles Press is not requiring that you have an agent, but we do require that you present a quality and well written document formatted per our standards or we will not be able to review it.

Does New Epistles Press have a hardcopy magazine?

Presently, the firm does not print a hard copy magazine.

What other services does New Epistles Press provide?

New Epistles Press has a Professional Writing and Editing Services Division which provides proofing, editing, technical writing (manuals, directives, white papers…) and consulting services. The firm will not provide ghost writing services.

How may I contact New Epistles Press?

You may reach us by email at:

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