The NEP Magazine is a resource to encourage, inform and to inspire everyone. The magazine will have several essential go-to departments which will engage the minds, hearts and souls of anyone looking to be uplifted and advanced spiritually and otherwise.  The magazine will feature articles about our relationship with God, our spiritual lives and challenges in a conflicting world.     

Hello and welcome to the New Epistles Press Magazine.  I am so thankful to God that I can bring the NEW Epistles Press Magazine to you.  Aside from the site, which will readily inform you about the press and our services, New Epistles Press Magazine will serve as a complementary informational tool.


Encourage | Inform | Inspire

Encouraging & Empowering Articles

Testimonies That

Build Faith

Some of the features in the magazine will include testimonies of people recounting how God intervened in a desperate or impossible situation to impact their lives for the better.  Or simply, how their everyday life is enhanced because of the presence and evidence of God in their world. These testimonies will be thoughtfully selected and honestly presented to expose you to the truths of people’s experiences in order to speak and relate to you about your own personal dilemmas. If nothing at all, these testimonies will be confirmation that you are not alone in your questions, toils and perhaps downfalls.

Stay Tuned - Great things to Come

The magazine will initially be a soft copy work, but we look forward to having it in print and distributed in a wide geographic area. We hope that you will join New Epistles Press on our journey to inform, enlighten and encourage hearts and minds not only in our magazines but also with our other book publications. Stay blessed and stay tuned.

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