NEW EPISTLES PRESS is a publication firm with the purpose of creating, developing, promoting and publishing writings with the central purpose of affirming the truth and sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The firm is committed to publishing fiction and nonfiction books, short stories, poetry, articles, essays, and testimonies that exalt the name of God, teach audiences the truth and path of Christ and encourage keeping the Christian faith.

Epistles simply means written communication and New Epistles refer to the new writings about Christ.  These new writings of Christ are our capturing in written form modern day observations, experiences, struggles and biblical centered interpretations of experiences in relation to our faith in God.  These are fresh new writings that intend to encourage and connect to the Christian brother or sister and they also serve as a tool to teach and spiritually advance those who do not yet share the faith of the love, compassion and sovereignty of God.


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Works We Publish

The firm seeks to publish and print quality and well-written thematic Christian fiction and non-fiction works to further the work of God and the Christian faith.  It also looks to publish on its website and magazine, materials affirming the place of God in man’s life and the world.  We also publish biblically instructional and inspired children’s and youth fictional and non-fictional books.

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Non Fiction

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